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July 9, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — AmandaEve @ 7:13 am

So our ISP provider is insane. We didn’t have any service for a bunch of days, and we’re trying to get some answers and a technician to take a look at our modem, but the ‘customer service’ phone agents are all a$$holes, they are soooooooo rude, and they don’t even treat us like customers, they treat us like … like … a nuisance, just some people who call up and interrupt they coffee. I’m soooo unimpressed with the service, I’m so ready to cut the service and go with someone else. Sooooo ready, But it’s not going to make a difference, cause one screw ball can’t make a difference. But if it’s because they’re on strike, and they have the janitors on the phone to pick up for the slack … then maybe I understand, but it’s ridiculous… absolutely ridiculous.

A nyway, I’m going to get some coffee, and bring some movies back to blockbuster … late charges and all.


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