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July 25, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — AmandaEve @ 9:16 am

A day off. Another day off. Awesome. Just sitting, writing and shit. I have to write an essay about myself and why I’m worthy for a scholarship. I hate writing those things. I have to write one making myself sound athletic and all, and another making me sound like all ‘volunterr-y’ (which ins’t a stretch) and more, of course making me sound all scholarly. Which maybe isn’t a stretch either. I’m pretty book-ish when it comes to stuff I’m interested in. So maybe I’ll do alright with it. I got bubs to do some editing for me, and his is a writing machine, all ‘grammer-ed’ and proper spelling up the ying yang and all.
Hopefully I’ll get something, out of it. Hopefully. Then all my dreams can come true. I can go to school, get a degree go to school again, get my masters, then write a kick-arse proposal to the national geographic society anf get funded to do some work in South America. I’d love to do work in South America or the middle east, that’d be cool too.


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