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March 29, 2005

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I just got of the phone with a cousin of mine. We grew up like sisters, she lives in Ireland now, moved there about 2 years ago to live with her boyfriend. She really misses home, it’s so sad when I talk to her; she makes me miss home too. But you can never go back, home isn’t the home that she left, and it’s not the home that I left. Things change; change is the only constant. It’s a good thing I guess, we’d be awful board without it; living a sickeningly stable life, same routine after same ‘ol routine. Damn adulthood … creeping up on me.


March 22, 2005

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This saturday we saw our friends in the band the Phantom4, at Club One, they played under the name ‘Seek and Destroy’ a tribute band that pays homage to the almighty monsters of metal: Metallica!
I was never really into them big time like other people my age, but man oh man that show was awesome. The crowd went MAD! I’m serious, the place almost came unglued! It was the best show I’ve been too … but I haven’t been to many shows to tell the turth. Anyway, good times were had.


March 19, 2005

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Well … I tried. I really did. It’s just not going to work.

I’ve been trying to free myself from Microsoft. I don’t use IE anymore (sometimes for Launch Cast, but that’s it). I’ve been using Firefox for a long time, and I love it. So the people who made FF have made Thunderbird, an email client. I downloaded it a long time ago, but it didn’t have a calendar feature, so I uninstalled it and said … I’ll wait.

So I waited … it now has a calendar feature, but it doesn’t sync with my PDA, it has to have a Sync Conduit. Shitty deal … yet again. Looks like I’m stuck with Outlook still.

How dissappointing.


March 15, 2005

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March 15th, 2005 will be a global day of action to end the Newfoundland seal hunt. In Washington D.C., there will be a major demonstration at the Canadian embassy. Internationally, our province will be portrayed as perpetrators of another holocaust in the animal kingdom.

The use of the image of the harp seal white coat is nothing more than a cash cow for corruptive and deceitful organizations such as The American Humane Society and Green Peace. The uneducated and naýve international community is made to believe that the seal population is near extinction, when in reality the herd size from 1999 numbers extends over 5.2 million! (estimates for the current population have ranged up to 8 million).

How many other animals such as cattle, pigs, and chickens are continuously slaughtered for human consumption only a daily basis? There is no difference!!! The only distinction is that this is done behind closed doors opposed to the Newfoundland seal hunt which is done in the open. Sealing is a generally very humane activity as compared to any number of activities that go unnoticed by these numbskulls.

The world has been told by these organizations that this is a ýsenseless and unnecessary slaughterý. I ask the Paris Hiltonýs, Leonardo Dicaprioýs and any other misinformed celebrity that has tagged their name to the ýsave the sealsý cause to take a look a real endangered species ý The Newfoundland Outport. Have them visit a small community in our proud province and explain to a local fisherman that when he risks his life each winter on the ice flows in the most brutal working conditions know to man, only for a means to put food on his table and roof over his childrenýs head that what he is doing is senseless and unnecessary.

The North Atlantic Seal Hunt is a 400 year old industry and I know how important it is to the traditional way of life and to thousands of people in Newfoundland ý it is a part of our heritage. On the ýDay of Actioný I will also be taking my own day of action to defend Newfoundland and Labrador sealersý

I encourage everyone to purchase some sort of seal product on this ýday of actioný to show support for first nations people and Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans who are involved in the harvest.


March 11, 2005

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The Star Wars trailer was AWESOME! So very awesome. Man, it was awesome. I couldn’t put myself through the OC to watch it, I waited until the Internet Pirates uploaded their goods. Man it was so awesome. I can’t wait to see it in the theatre. I can’t bring myself to see Robots … it is packaged with it, but I think I’ll wait for something else … Robots is a little … I don’t know … I just don’t think I’d like it.

Anyway, Hurray Star Wars III Trailer … Hurray for the Dark side!


March 3, 2005

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So the comic shop I usually go to, had a bad rap around the water cooler, I didn’t think so until now … but I’m not sure what to think:

This is my story …

so I was into ‘The Further Adventrures of Indiana Jones’ comics as of late, because they’re so old and ‘not-so-popular’ they were only 1.25 (which they souldn’t even be that much), anyway … so I brought some. The comic store moved into a new more spacious location, so he had a chance to move the comics he had boxed up into the eyes of the customers. He found more Indys from me … but at a closer look he ‘up-ed’ the price … to 2.50.

Is that right? I mean, before me no one brought them, so he was all … sell ’em cheap, now he knows someone buys them, so he ‘ups’ the price? A little price up me thinks it’s dirty … but it is the basic principals of ecnomics – supply and demand.

What do you think?

Comic shop guy right (running a business, putting food on the table)?
Comic shop guy wrong (dirty dirty man)?


March 2, 2005

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Hey there everyone, I just wanted to vent for a second. I work in a Call center … I troubleshoot Internet Connections for a huge American cable company.
Sometimes people don’t realize that they are talking to a human, a person with feelings; they’re not talking to the company itself, they’re not talking to a robot, I’m a person who goes home and has the same issues has everyone else.
I next time you call up to one of those Help Lines, just remember that we’re people too. In every business/industry there is going to be people who don’t do their job well, and don’t take pride in their job – call centers are no different. Anyway … what I’m saying is, if you call up and get someone who is rude and isn’t approaching your issue properly, you can just say so … or just say politly “I think I’ll call back and get someone else, thanks.” and call back. The next person you talk too couls be much better – they could be me! 🙂

So what I’m trying to get at, is … try to be patient with us. There’s no need to be rude, be nice and we’ll do everything in our ‘sometimes limited’ power to help you. The rude people get nothing.

I had a friend who would credit peoples accounts, just because they were polite and patient, if someone started of the call on a bad vibe, he would intailly do a ‘half-assed’ job for him. I don’t subscribe to that belief, but I certainly feel like doing things like that sometimes.

So in conclusion, these situations go both ways, it’s a helping process … help us, help you – we’re people too.