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March 2, 2005

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Hey there everyone, I just wanted to vent for a second. I work in a Call center … I troubleshoot Internet Connections for a huge American cable company.
Sometimes people don’t realize that they are talking to a human, a person with feelings; they’re not talking to the company itself, they’re not talking to a robot, I’m a person who goes home and has the same issues has everyone else.
I next time you call up to one of those Help Lines, just remember that we’re people too. In every business/industry there is going to be people who don’t do their job well, and don’t take pride in their job – call centers are no different. Anyway … what I’m saying is, if you call up and get someone who is rude and isn’t approaching your issue properly, you can just say so … or just say politly “I think I’ll call back and get someone else, thanks.” and call back. The next person you talk too couls be much better – they could be me! 🙂

So what I’m trying to get at, is … try to be patient with us. There’s no need to be rude, be nice and we’ll do everything in our ‘sometimes limited’ power to help you. The rude people get nothing.

I had a friend who would credit peoples accounts, just because they were polite and patient, if someone started of the call on a bad vibe, he would intailly do a ‘half-assed’ job for him. I don’t subscribe to that belief, but I certainly feel like doing things like that sometimes.

So in conclusion, these situations go both ways, it’s a helping process … help us, help you – we’re people too.


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