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March 3, 2005

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So the comic shop I usually go to, had a bad rap around the water cooler, I didn’t think so until now … but I’m not sure what to think:

This is my story …

so I was into ‘The Further Adventrures of Indiana Jones’ comics as of late, because they’re so old and ‘not-so-popular’ they were only 1.25 (which they souldn’t even be that much), anyway … so I brought some. The comic store moved into a new more spacious location, so he had a chance to move the comics he had boxed up into the eyes of the customers. He found more Indys from me … but at a closer look he ‘up-ed’ the price … to 2.50.

Is that right? I mean, before me no one brought them, so he was all … sell ’em cheap, now he knows someone buys them, so he ‘ups’ the price? A little price up me thinks it’s dirty … but it is the basic principals of ecnomics – supply and demand.

What do you think?

Comic shop guy right (running a business, putting food on the table)?
Comic shop guy wrong (dirty dirty man)?


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