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April 11, 2005

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I’ve slept forever … man my sleeping patterns are fuct. I work the graveyard shift at a call centre. So I work at midnight, get off around 9am, have my day until 4pm and then lie down with my book until I fall asleep, that’s around 5 or so, I guess.

Anyway, Steve and I had a week off, so we went to visit his folks. During that visit we sleep ‘normal’ hours (like from 2-9 … or whatever). now it’s difficult to get back on track. Last night I slept from 9 or 10 pm to 6:30 am … how the hell am I going to get back on my overnight sleeping pattern?

We were thinking of quitting … seriouily quitting, and getting another call centre job, until we move to BC. But on second thought, taking a $2.00/hour cut in pay isn’t very smart when your’ saving for a move across the country. So we’ll stick it out another few months. We’re going to request to go to the day shift. That might help. Oh – and we’re joining the gym, so that’s awesome. Work-time won’t seem that bad if play-time is better. Hopefully that’ll help … if not then we’ll just quit.


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