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April 17, 2005

Filed under: Uncategorized — AmandaEve @ 6:42 pm

Damnit! My PDA is busted! I can’t believe it. You go out and put an outlandish amount of money on something, and it craps out on you … the day after the warranty is over … grrrrr. But I got the extended warrenty, so hopefully futureshop will take care of me – hopefully.

I did some research online and a lot of people have had problems with my model, the Tungsten E.
Like all of a sudden it resets itself, and all your data is gone! Gone! It’s like you wake up one morning and your computer has been formatted! Thats wrong, just plain wrong! I’m so mad … I’m fuming mad. So mad. GRRRRrrrrrr….

Damnit. And I’m not going to get the same model … I’m not even sure I’m going to get a Palm … I might go with Dell Axuim … or whatever it’s called. Hopefully futureshop or Palm well let me exchange it for another model; i might have to throw some more money at them to make up for it … but as long as I get a product that works dependablly.

Damnit … I’m so mad.


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