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May 29, 2005

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So we have tickets! I was in the line up for like 30 hours. It was insane! I’m serious it was insanity.
Joe, our ‘line-up buddy’ brought this massive tarp, so we put in over our tents as well. We called it the Fortress of solitude, then it turned into Tentoplious … then it turned into Tent City.
It’s rained the whole time … well no thats a lie … the first six hours was awesome, cause it was sunny, and everyone was just getting to know eachother. I met a lot of cool people, it’s too bad I may never see them again. Funny, in situations like that you’re best friends with these people, and afterwards they are just memories. I hope I bump into them again. Hopefully I’ll see them at the concert. That would be cool.
Too bad I didn’t get more pictures.


May 27, 2005

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I’m going to go line up for Pearl Jam tickets now. Man I’m so excited, I didn’t get any sleep last night. We’ve got the tent and everything all ready for the camp out. There was like 40-50 people there last night … those are the hardcore fans.
Wish me luck!


May 25, 2005

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Yes the rumours are ture, isn’t it amazing! Pearl Jam here … in Newfoundland. Why you ask? Well I guess Mile One thought they are going to have to spend money to make money. But seriousily, Pearl Jam wanted to so a whole Canadian thing for a number a reasons, one of which is that they respected our stance on the recent “war”.
Geroge Jones sold out in 2 hours. I can only imagine how long it’s going to take for PJ. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve had a sorry life. Anyway, it’s great. Man, I can’t wait. We have this whole thing planned out. We’re going to line up in interveals. You can only get 2 tickets at a time, and per credit card. So Brinston is online pressing F5, he’ll get his tickets there, and the rest of us … minus credit cards well line up in 8 hour shifts.
I’m so excited.


May 22, 2005

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I’m watching Desperate Housewives, crazy – I never thought I’d like something like this. But I do … it has all the plot twists of a soap opera, but with decent acting and quality sets and locations and stuff. And now Affie Woodard is on it. Ohhhhh ….. things are going to get crazy!


May 20, 2005

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So I saw epi III. It was awesome. Some bad things happened earlier that day, so I couldn’t really get as pumped as I wanted too. But I enjoied it a lot. I should be pissed off about what they did with Atoo Detoo – he can do all sorts of different things now, that he didn’t do in the first ones or the later ones …. but … the way I see it; to explain epi 1-2, Anaikin only made the modifactions to this one snice this movie … and to explain the orgainal triology … he is old, and those modifcations haven’t been repaired in a while.

Sounds good to me.

Everything else was awesome … I’m seeing it again tonight .. I’m sure I’ll have something else to rant about.


May 18, 2005

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Man, I love my new purchase. You know when you buy something, and you’re so proud of it. Most of the time, I feel quilty for buying silly things like this, because I don’t need it, it’s only feeding my material desires and makes me a weak individual. but I love this one.
Love it … isn’t she cool! Her name is Aayla Secura. She is a master jedi, but she went to the dark side once … and it is constainly tempting her and nagging at her robes like a hungry dog. Poor jedi. Poor, poor jedi.
But that’s awesome, that makes her stronger, it builds character.


May 12, 2005

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Today is my offical getting jumped for Revenge of the Sith day.