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May 29, 2005

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So we have tickets! I was in the line up for like 30 hours. It was insane! I’m serious it was insanity.
Joe, our ‘line-up buddy’ brought this massive tarp, so we put in over our tents as well. We called it the Fortress of solitude, then it turned into Tentoplious … then it turned into Tent City.
It’s rained the whole time … well no thats a lie … the first six hours was awesome, cause it was sunny, and everyone was just getting to know eachother. I met a lot of cool people, it’s too bad I may never see them again. Funny, in situations like that you’re best friends with these people, and afterwards they are just memories. I hope I bump into them again. Hopefully I’ll see them at the concert. That would be cool.
Too bad I didn’t get more pictures.


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