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June 1, 2005

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Craziness … we have a cat now. Insane …. Steve’s coworker just got a kitten and found out that their baby is allergic to cats. So she didn’t know what to do with it … and Steve being such a cat person, said “I’ll take it!”. And so we have it.
It’s a Calico cat … that just describes it’s colouring, which you can see from the pictures.
Steve loves her. He is so excited, he is like a little kid. It’s cute.
She’s only like 7 weeks old or something.
We don’t have a name for her yet … what do you think? Post a comment if you have an idea. We were going to go with Sratch Patches … cause patches was the name the ole owner gave her, and we wanted to pay some respect to that … and the Sratch part is from Satan … Scratch is another name for Satan. I’m not sure about that one … but it does have a ring to it.
Also I was thinking about Kit Fisto. as in the Jedi.


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