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June 6, 2005

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So today we noticed … or steve’s friend noticed that on the fridge in the ‘never-looked-at-nor-changed’ To get list it says … “Cock For Harris” (which of course if Steve’s last name. Isn’t that hilarious! We just noticed it then … it could have been there snice Gander … I think that was the last time I looked at that list. That’s crazy. But I think marcel did it the last time he was here … that wasn’t too long ago. it’s a funnier story if I left that Marcel bit out – isn’t it. forget I said it.
Stu is back from Germany and we’re having lots of fun. Steve got together with him last night and a long lost buddy Brad. They haven’t seen eachother in a really long time. But it was just like they’ve been together forever. I’ll get some pictures of them soon.


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