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June 19, 2005

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So I get a call from a cousin that I haven’t seen in a long time, she wants to get together, I say sure. I drop down to her place, we have a few beers, and she says lets go for pool, I say sure, she says lets go to this strip club I know, we can drink for free … I say sure.
We go there, we’re not drinking for free at all. I only have one beer, cause I’ve got to go pick up Steve at work. Anyway, she is all talking to friends and stuff. She was drunk by the time she called me, so at this point she’s pretty well on ‘er. Anyway, we’re having a few laughs and I say “okay – I’ve got to pick up Steve now, I’ll get him to drive me back, well you be here?”, she says “Yeah.”. I say great, so we can get all drunk and silly and have fun. I go, pick up steve, he drives me back, I kiss steve and say ‘later’, he says call me when you want a ride back and drives off. I walk back to the bar, and the door guy says she left already.
So I’m not impressed at all. Here I am sitting in strip club, with naked ladies touching themselves; and I don’t know anyone. I fig’er maybe she’ll be back soon, so I give her about 10 minutes … man that was the most uncomfortable 10 minutes ever!
I leave. Walk down the street, a few people ask me for change … i honestly say I don’t have any … I don’t even have money for a coffee. Anyway, so I give Steve a call and sadly ask him to come get me.
I was so dissappointed. It was very … sad. I was stood up. I feel so rejected.


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