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June 23, 2005

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Just got back from my first shoot. it was what I expected. Not a lot of doing anything, just waiting. the Hair/make up girls did me out so awesomeily … (is that a word). I looked like someone in the 40’s … they can really do their job well.
I think they … or just one … worked on ‘Cinderella Man’, I overheard people talking about it. Anyway, it was awesome. I walked with an umbrella. The Assisant Director said I did awesome, but he’d say that anyway, just he seems real nice; but later when Krista (who by the way – is the greatest PA ever, i think isn’t a production assistant … I’m not sure … but whatever she is, she’s damn good at it.) was bringing me out, she said … “Oh [insert assiant director name here] said you did a wonderful job, he was really impressed.” Now tell me … he wouldn’t tell her that if I just did ‘ok’.
I have an early call tomorrow – 6:15am. Crazy. so I’m going to get some sleep.



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