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August 24, 2005

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Viva Le Revolution!


August 18, 2005

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I’m, learning action script now, it’s pretty basic. I know a little, most of it i already knew from like … cgi and C++ courses, so it’s not that big of a deal. The first little bit was boring, because I knew it already, but I didn’t want to skip it, cause I thought I’d miss something that was hindering my actionscriping abilities or whatever.
Anyway, so that’s good, actionscripting was one of those things that I’ve wanted to be proficient at, but just never got around to learning. Like latin; I’ve always wanted to know latin. I bought ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to learning latin’, it was pretty good, but I didn’t know if I was prononcing it right, cause I was reading it. So I gave up on it. But now I’ve got a program that kicks ass. but I never get around to learning it and actally alotting the time to do it … I’m such an ass. I complain all the time about not being or doing or having the opprotunity to be and do what I want … and here it is … something that I want, and I just brush it off to watch Rock Star INXS.
Which by the way is my new favourite show. It’s really that good … it’s not FABULOUS … but it’s a good wate of time. I’d much rather watch that then like … I don’t know Inside Edition … ha ha ha … remember that show … does that still come on. Crazy. Whatever. Anyway.



August 14, 2005

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Lots of fun was was on our Field Trip yesterday. We left to go to Rodregiez Winery for a tour and some samples, we ended up at the Blueberry festival in Brigus, and Manju’s friend Bob’s (Yay Bob!) cabin on Ryan’s Pond. Man what an awesome day. The weather was great, and we didn’t stop the whole day. Jenn went water skiing for the first time – I didn’t bring a swim suit, so I couldn’t join in. 😦
Ah well … we had a ball anyways. Some pictures are up on my Yahoo Photos page ( if you’re interested. I’m going to get some pictures from Jenn when she uploads hers … she took a lot of groups shots. I can’t wait to get them. Man … having fun is fun. I never realized it. Why didn’t I start doing this a long time ago?


August 11, 2005

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Steve got a role in Dracula! Hurray for Steve! Hurray for Authur!


August 9, 2005

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I’ve been slack on this blogging thing. Work and life getting in the way … blast that life – always getting in the way. But I did have some fun in the interium of blogging, Jenn (our new roomie) and my friend Manju and I went downtown to the Newfoundland folk festivial. We intended to go down, introduce Jenn to some traditional newfoundland food, check out the acordian revolution (which by the way did break the world record), and dart down to the buskers festival for a bit. The admission was 10 dollars! Can you believe it, 10 bucks for a newfie folk festival. So we said, whatever, and just went to the buskers festival, met up with our friend Adam, and went to The Sundance for lunch.
We intended to get Jenn Scheehed in, but we dicided to wait until some night when we have more people with us. Those types for things are always better with more people.
Anyway, we ended off the evening with a great view from the Battery. It was a great day.

the end.


August 1, 2005

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Not much blogger action from me. Lots of work, though – so that’s good. Had some extra time today, I was going to go out and buy myself a new bag, but my sunburn is just too bad. Oh yeah, that’s new and exciting … we went camping.
There was steve and myself, Stu and Catrina and like 12 other people … and a dog. We were going to bring sratch with us, but then we thought about her scrating up the tent and stuff. So we didn’t. We had lots of fun – beach frisbee, swiming, sand castles, beer, camp fires, rude drunken camping neighbours. Man those camping neighbours were really bad. It was a huge family of like 16 or something and they were parting until really late. They had there music really loud and stuff … I mean, it didn’t bother us, but I guess other people wanted to sleep, but could because of those music and the profanitity. The security people came by a few times – treatened them with the mounties … they said something like “Bring it on!”. So about 30 minutes later the Mounties were there … and the rest is history.

Got some camping pictures. Wanna see:Click to see my camping pictures.