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August 1, 2005

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Not much blogger action from me. Lots of work, though – so that’s good. Had some extra time today, I was going to go out and buy myself a new bag, but my sunburn is just too bad. Oh yeah, that’s new and exciting … we went camping.
There was steve and myself, Stu and Catrina and like 12 other people … and a dog. We were going to bring sratch with us, but then we thought about her scrating up the tent and stuff. So we didn’t. We had lots of fun – beach frisbee, swiming, sand castles, beer, camp fires, rude drunken camping neighbours. Man those camping neighbours were really bad. It was a huge family of like 16 or something and they were parting until really late. They had there music really loud and stuff … I mean, it didn’t bother us, but I guess other people wanted to sleep, but could because of those music and the profanitity. The security people came by a few times – treatened them with the mounties … they said something like “Bring it on!”. So about 30 minutes later the Mounties were there … and the rest is history.

Got some camping pictures. Wanna see:Click to see my camping pictures.


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