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August 9, 2005

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I’ve been slack on this blogging thing. Work and life getting in the way … blast that life – always getting in the way. But I did have some fun in the interium of blogging, Jenn (our new roomie) and my friend Manju and I went downtown to the Newfoundland folk festivial. We intended to go down, introduce Jenn to some traditional newfoundland food, check out the acordian revolution (which by the way did break the world record), and dart down to the buskers festival for a bit. The admission was 10 dollars! Can you believe it, 10 bucks for a newfie folk festival. So we said, whatever, and just went to the buskers festival, met up with our friend Adam, and went to The Sundance for lunch.
We intended to get Jenn Scheehed in, but we dicided to wait until some night when we have more people with us. Those types for things are always better with more people.
Anyway, we ended off the evening with a great view from the Battery. It was a great day.

the end.


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