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August 14, 2005

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Lots of fun was was on our Field Trip yesterday. We left to go to Rodregiez Winery for a tour and some samples, we ended up at the Blueberry festival in Brigus, and Manju’s friend Bob’s (Yay Bob!) cabin on Ryan’s Pond. Man what an awesome day. The weather was great, and we didn’t stop the whole day. Jenn went water skiing for the first time – I didn’t bring a swim suit, so I couldn’t join in. 😦
Ah well … we had a ball anyways. Some pictures are up on my Yahoo Photos page ( if you’re interested. I’m going to get some pictures from Jenn when she uploads hers … she took a lot of groups shots. I can’t wait to get them. Man … having fun is fun. I never realized it. Why didn’t I start doing this a long time ago?


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