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August 18, 2005

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I’m, learning action script now, it’s pretty basic. I know a little, most of it i already knew from like … cgi and C++ courses, so it’s not that big of a deal. The first little bit was boring, because I knew it already, but I didn’t want to skip it, cause I thought I’d miss something that was hindering my actionscriping abilities or whatever.
Anyway, so that’s good, actionscripting was one of those things that I’ve wanted to be proficient at, but just never got around to learning. Like latin; I’ve always wanted to know latin. I bought ‘The Complete Idiots Guide to learning latin’, it was pretty good, but I didn’t know if I was prononcing it right, cause I was reading it. So I gave up on it. But now I’ve got a program that kicks ass. but I never get around to learning it and actally alotting the time to do it … I’m such an ass. I complain all the time about not being or doing or having the opprotunity to be and do what I want … and here it is … something that I want, and I just brush it off to watch Rock Star INXS.
Which by the way is my new favourite show. It’s really that good … it’s not FABULOUS … but it’s a good wate of time. I’d much rather watch that then like … I don’t know Inside Edition … ha ha ha … remember that show … does that still come on. Crazy. Whatever. Anyway.



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