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September 17, 2005

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I’m really lonely tonight. Supper lonely. I’m so pitiful. Usually I love being alone, reflection and introspection and all that. But not tonight. Tonight I’m lonely. In a lot of ways … lonely in the world and in my apartment. But that’s proboly just the from the storm making my water levels change. Cause there’s a storm coming … (“storms a-brewing Annie”). And the weather and stuff affects us in ways we don’t even know.
I was talking to a guy at futureshop today … i said I’m getting a headache, and he said yeah, that happens to a lot of people when the pressure cahnges. With the laftover Ofelia Hurricaine shit happening, I guess it’s understandable.
I’ve been reading Lucifer comics lately. The art is sometimes second rate, but the story is pretty good. I guess. I went to pick up some comics and Downtown comics the other day, and I had Orgin, Fray, and Lucifer 1 (TPBs) i could onnly justify buying one, but it was a tough call. But fuck if I didn’t make up my mind and try to pay with interact only for it be be declined. How embaessing. As it happens, there’s a hold on my account. Shitty deals for me. I can only take out 200 dollars of any deposit, the rest if held for 6 days. SHIT-IE. So I’m going to drop by the ‘ol scotia bank and lay the smack down, ever so politely.
I wish I had some booze. It would make this night more bearable.



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