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October 29, 2005

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Going to check out a house downtown. it’s on victoria street … it’s a really nice place … a really nice place. 4 br, 4 fireplaces, and the walls are painted these really bright colours. It’s awesome. But i don’t know how he (landlord) is going to feel about pets. Ah well – we’ll see what happens.

Wish us luck!


October 24, 2005

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I’ve found wonder woman: ivona hlavata. people have been talking about who should play the new wonder woman in the upcoming movie – this lady has the Wonder Woman look DOWN! Man … the eyes – you can’t say it’s not Wonder Woman. I dont’ even know if she’s an actress – she might be a model. She might not even speak english … but she should give it a try – get some lessons … cause it would be worth it to have someone that looks like her play WW.


October 21, 2005

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Kitty is doing really well after the surgery. I thought she’d be out for the count for a few days, but she’s back to normal. The vet says we should try to stop her from jumping around and stuff … but that’s impossible.

My friend Manju is having a birthday party this evening it’s going to be fun, there’s going to be lots of people around. Around 12 or so everyone is going downtown … I don’t know if I can afford it. I can’t really afford anything, but I think I’m going to get enough to get a half sack of beer and drink it at the party, but when they leave to go downtown, I think I’ll just go home.

Manda – the party pooper.


October 17, 2005

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Hey …. got a funn email from mom today … it had this picture.
Funny, funny, funny.
House hunting went well. Saw some relaly nice spots on day 1, day 2 … was almost a waste to time, but not really, cause we knocked them off the list … so at least we know they’re crap, and not thinking what if. We’re hoping to get the one on Bond street. It was awesome! It was like a condo, so new and clean. The one on Queens rd was nice too, i wouldn’t mind that one.
I was just thinking about the Bond streeet one … and I don’t know how the hell we’d get the couch in there ….
cause the stairs go up and it takes a complete right angle to the left ….
isn’t that going to be impossible!!!!!!!! or maybe not. shot I hope not…. I’m going to take a look at the pictures I took again and see.


October 16, 2005

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We spent most of the day yesterday looking at houses. We saw some great ones, actually we only saw one that was bad … another one was less than good, but not BAD. But most of them were great. We’re hoping to get one in the downtown area … close to work and stuff. There’s some great places there. We’ve got some to look at today, just a few. We’re not moving until next month, so most of these places are going to be gone by the time we want to put down a deposit. One guy offered to take the deposit now, and we can move in whenever we want; he’d hold it for us. That was nice of him. But I think we can find a much nicer place than that. But all the same it was a fanastic spot … just a little old, but they were in the middle of painting and re-doing the place – so it’s unfair to judge the place as we saw it yesterday.
I’m going to make some coffee, and go look at the paper.


October 10, 2005

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Just got back from Steve’s folks place. Man, we had such a good time. I ate way too much, and drank too much too.
Jenn and her friend Liz and I went to dinner at the press n’ bean. It was dilicious! I have to go on a serious diet after this weekend. I’m going to blow up if I continue this.

Maybe I’ll go to the gym … I think I will.


October 2, 2005

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I finally got some decent pictures of the new hair cut … but it’s grown out a fair bit. But here it is anyway.