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October 16, 2005

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We spent most of the day yesterday looking at houses. We saw some great ones, actually we only saw one that was bad … another one was less than good, but not BAD. But most of them were great. We’re hoping to get one in the downtown area … close to work and stuff. There’s some great places there. We’ve got some to look at today, just a few. We’re not moving until next month, so most of these places are going to be gone by the time we want to put down a deposit. One guy offered to take the deposit now, and we can move in whenever we want; he’d hold it for us. That was nice of him. But I think we can find a much nicer place than that. But all the same it was a fanastic spot … just a little old, but they were in the middle of painting and re-doing the place – so it’s unfair to judge the place as we saw it yesterday.
I’m going to make some coffee, and go look at the paper.


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