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April 21, 2006

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So … i have the sony XCP bug. God help me i bought a sony mp3 player; so now I’m assuming I have a root kit installed. Whats a girl to do?
We can’t get past big brother eh … he is in our burgers, he is in our music, is he in our books, he is even in our heads! We all do it … we all catch ourselves saying something to ourselves, in that way.

Fuck. We’re all fucked. Can we do anything about it though? I mean … convince people? No … there’s no convincing is there? It’s gone to far. hasn’t it? I mean, someone could write a book, make a movie, paint a picture, but it’s not going to reach everyone, it’s not going to make the difference it needs too. It’s just going to be used by big brother to propogate himself. It’s rediculous if you think about it. Every action is being manipulated, every good and pure though is being raped and sold on the street for sex.

Fuck this.


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