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July 3, 2006

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A Manda Review: Summer Detesting.
Yes, we have to shave our legs, because it’s the thing to do in this society-thing. “When in rome …” So I thought there must be a better way than razors … if only there was a better way.
I tested three methods.
Leg 1: Nair: Cire divine (at home microwave wax)
My intail reaction to this when I saw it on TV was … “Ohhh ….” when I tried it, it went … “auuuggghhhh..” Seriousily … what a waste of money. The messy factor was though the roof. It didn’t stay warm long enough … it was like I was at a circus, they were selling ‘Candy Mandas’. Seriousily … gross.
Leg 2: Neet (Hair Removal Gel-Cream)
Smelly not effective at all … I still have hairs … so this one completely failed.

In conclusion, the next time I want to wax, I’m willing to pay 20 bucks a leg, instead of going through that hell again. Until then, I’m sticking with my razor.


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