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July 10, 2006

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I think I’m going to get a car. I know I know … I’m disappointed in me too. I was going to wait for the hybird. But i can’t. i really can’t. and the yaris is so fuel efficent it’s hard to turn it down. But we’ll have to wait until we hear from the credit lady at Toyota.
{nervous emoticon here}
I did a lot of research on what car to get and stuff. But I finally made up my mind on the Yaris. C-net helped me make my desion – of course … I don’t buy anything without consulting cnet.
Anyway, went on a test drive today, felt awesome. Like i was free, or something … like I can do anything I want … go anywhere I want. I liked that feeling. But of course, we work to pay for the things we buy, and if we just didn’t buy so many things we’d all be much happier, not pressured to succeed in the workplace so much, not pressured to be ‘sucessful’ and all the jazz; if only we could to happy and minimal, and content to be ourselves.
I’m such a consumer, just like the rest of them, I don’t like it, but I don’t mind it. I’d love to buy a few arces of land and call it myown little country, no taxes, no obligations, just me and my gardens. But that’s just a dream, a dream that never comes true for any of us.
But I’ll live with my fossil fuel car and digital camera in it’s oversized packaging in my Old Navy (straight form the sweat shop) pants, and I’ll die like all the rest of them. What makes me so special that I have to live above commericalism … nothing … it’s not like I can do anything about it … it’s not like the Oil companies are going to say “Oh shit – manda didn’t by a car! whats wrong – she can afford it – why isn’t she buying a car?”

Why can’t I be one of the masses too?


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