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August 2, 2006

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I just finsed The sercet supper. Like many people, I was torn between this one and ‘the Jesus Papers’, cause they came out at the same time, and they are writen for a specfic group of people. I left the bookstore without either. but couldn’t stop thinking about them. I found the secert supper for a cheaper price somewhere else, so I got it. I’ve got to say … I wasn’t super impressed, I mean, it was interesting … it gave a different light to Leonardo and to the period in which he lived, although don’t get me wrong – he is a pricipal character, but don’t go to this book for references to his work and/or character. It’s fiction, albeit, well researched fiction, but fiction none the less.
So if you’re like me and read Holy Blood, Holy grail, and then read the Da Vinci code, go with the Jesus Papers … but if you read Dan Brown first … then Holy Blood, Holy grail … I’d stick with Micheal Bagient’s jesus papers … but I havn’t read it yet … but I can’t imagine putting this book before anything written by Bagient.

Just my opinion … going to have to wait to her my opinion on the other one.


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