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August 13, 2006

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So, just came back from Fogo Island … a nice trip … i had a great time with the family. My aunt marg was in .. haven’t seen her in a really long time …. i was a reall treat to see her again. I’m going to put some pictures up on my yahoo photos thing … for those who may be interested in seeing them (Nom) … hee hee. (the link to the albums is here – I don’t have them up yet, but by the time you read this it might be up).it was Aunt Dee and nic and his freind Vanessa that went … we had a great time, but it’s too bad that vanessa didn’t get a great view of the island … cause it was raining the whole time. But ah well … whatever, at least she had good company.
We had a tour of the Brett House on brown’s point and we had fish and brewis, and we … oh – went down to the room and saw dad and the b’y split’n fish. So that was fun … and nic went down and helped out and interviewed them and stuff … then we ate … and BOY did we eat!!!! man … oh man …. i dont know how I’m going to lose all this weight … i can’t go home anymore, not if I want to slim down …. I’m going to have to do the Binge and Pruge thing … but I can’t do it … I’m not a big fan of vomitting … I don’t think I’d beable to do it. Anyway … I’m going to go do that photo thing.


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