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September 12, 2006

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I think I’ll use Hi5 again … I once hated it … but it’s updated now … and it’s not that bad … it’s still slow though … not as slow … but still slow … a little … but I can’t tell if it’s my connection of the site … might be my connection …. Whatever … yeah … hi5 has photo albums and stuff … that’s cool. Cause theirs no need to have a site for your photos, a site for your blog and another site for your friends … when blogs and photos are for your friends anyway … jeez … bout time I says. Bout frig’n time.

ha har har

Anyway … so I’m realy into the Feng Shui. But something bad happened yesterday … not like horriable, but … unpleasent. Anyway … so I’m thinking that I can do something to recify it with my feng shui set up. Cause I added something new on the fireplace recently … and it’s a orange vase with Blue Daisies … and my fireplace is in my carrer sector … which is bad … I should have water elements there … so I put blue things and my fish bowl to counteract the fireplace … hence the blue dasies … but … the oragne vase – which might just be the culburit, i didn’t think about until yesterday (after the unpleasentries). So, I moved it. And today was much better.
Those of you who don’t believe in Feng Shui, you’re saying: “Come on … you can’t say that you’re day went better just because you move a vase!?!?!? Gimmee a break?!?!!?” I know, I know … my day went better because of a lot of reasons … but I think there’s something to it this Feng Shui thing … really. I’ve been doing stuff for a while … and … really … I think there’s something to it.


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