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Olympic tragedy February 12, 2010

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Olympic tragedy:

Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died Friday in a horrific crash in an Olympic training run at Whistler, B.C., just hours before the opening ceremony.


Brad Colbow Strips

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brad colbow strips

brad colbow strips


Doodle for Google is Back! February 5, 2010

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The third annual Doodle 4 Google contest in the U.S. Google doodles, created by our talented team of doodlers, have helped us celebrate events and anniversaries from Van Gogh’s birthday to Valentine’s Day. And since 2008, Doodle 4 Google has given K-12 kids the opportunity to create their own logo and have it displayed on the Google homepage for hundreds of millions of users to enjoy for a day.


Nexus One vs. iPhone 3G

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yes – you heard me … Cnet does it right.  it was a rough battle – but Nexus One won … but not by much … view the video and see the specs here:


Coming Along

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Things are coming along nicely in my world.  School is starting again … and it’s getting crazy.  The few contracts I’ve had have been in stuck in traffic with the clients, so that’s fine with me.  I have more time to devote to school that way.

in the news smashing mag has posted a nice article about the art of email signatures – which is quite controversal – some are against any images – for accessibility concerns … which I tend to agree with, but I have to admit sometimes i see a great one that makes me want to change my tune.

check out the article and tell me what you think.


Blog Designs to blow your mind! August 16, 2009

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This is a list of some crazy designs that are so wonderfully done, they make my eyes water.

I love Colour

I love Colour

but wait … theres more …

it makes me want to crochet.

This one is so nice – I’d like to frame it.

makes me wanna join the curius


Another Design Contest Site

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While growing as a graphic designer, we keep on discovering such authentic resources which can play a crucial role in our success. You all will agree that the creative skills of graphic designers need a continuous patronage, so they keep on coming up with exceptional ideas.  Therefore, I always keep on searching for new resources to submit and share my design work … it helps us earn a bright future.

However, today I have something really exclusive to inform my ingenious designer friends about. Lately, while surfing the net I stumbled across a design submitting site named “”. Although it is still in “beta” but its impressive interface and features really clicked me.  
The exclusive features of the site:

      • 1. It is a platform where design contests will be held. You can get anything designed…logo design, business cards, website,  posters or anything related to graphic design.
      • 2. Designers will be submitting their designs, trying to meet the needs of your design project.
      • 3. As the design contest reaches its last date, a winning design will be selected and the designer will win the prize amount.

The design contests are not live yet but they are accepting registrations from designers. I think it’s the high time to get ourselves registered, so our creative juices get flowing as soon as the contests are announced.

It is very important for freelance graphic designers to promote their work properly but they should be doing it on right places. Design contest sites are an ideal choice.